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Our Services

Custom Clearance



The AIR EXPRESS INTERNATIONAL was founded in 1987, we have 32 years of experience with the Haitian market, we offer a personalized service catered to your import or export needs from a legal or operational standpoint. We provide a world network that handles all transactions not limited by weight or size.

All of AEI's various clients include non-governmental organizations, Factories and commercial. With its efficient management, it has become one of the leaders of the Haitian market.


 Office Address: 25 Rue O, Turgeau

 Email: (DIRECTION)/ Tel: 3605-5924/33273838 (Operations)/ Tel: 2813-1921/ 28132119 (Accounting)/ Tel: 2813-6419

 USA Phone : (305)2976814





AEI/ELS simply have the lowest cost per pallet. We use stretch wrappers and carton boxes.

We also use wooden boxes when appropriate and fumigation for pest control when necessary.

Our care and performance with your merchandise make us an easy choice.








AEI has stepped up to the warehousing challenge. We track each and every single piece of merchandise in and out of secured warehouses.

Export Services




AEI offers export services from A to Z including domestic and international transportation. Our partnership with Five Star Network has allowed us to expend our service locations worldwide to include all the Caribbean, the USA, Europe, China, and many other remote locations. We will handle the legal export permits: we do airport to airport as well as door to door services worldwide. We provide 20” and 40’’ containers at your convenience if necessary for easy loading and government verifications

Local Transport




‘local knowledge’ also extends to intricate knowledge of alternate routes to navigate around obstructions caused by traffic jams, weather, repairs, demonstrations and other factors that impact the flow of traffic in the country’s road system.  The drivers, logisticians and dispatchers, thoroughly connected with robust mobile communications, work intelligently, together to optimize route selections in real time.

PAX Transport




AEI/ELS has provided transport services in Port-au-Prince and provinces  We transportclientele to and from the Toussaint Louverture International Airport and provide cars services to our clientele that come from abroad during their stay.

We also have organized many trips with the French and Chinese Chambers of Commerce for group of 10 to 30 entrepreneurs organizing with all logistic related matters.

Legal / Insurance




We will find for you the best insurance rate available in the market today in order for our clients to feel secure regarding the transportations of their merchandise to destination. We provide free quotes to cover all natural disasters or catastrophes.

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