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AEI/ELS supported various projects over the years including organizing the complete logistic for an entrepreneurship camp supporting local companies with the help of international and local business experts.

After 2016 Hurricane Mathew, AEI/ElS was organizing food distribution in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Port-au-Prince “Cite  Soleil” by joining forces with Rotary.

Furthermore Dominique Bazin is:

  • a driving force in the Haitian / Chinese business relations by supporting the Haitian Chamber of commerce not only locally but also for having organized yearly trips for Haitian Business owners to travel to china.

  • the President de  Lakou Lapè, a peace and  conflict resolution institution in Haiti.

  • 18 years Rotarian, past assistant governor and member of the Rotary Club of Delmas Airport.

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List of services

AEI/ ELS has been providing quality transportation and logistics services in Haiti for the more than three decades. Services include:

  1. Customs Clearance

  2. Warehousing

  3. Packaging

  4. Renewal Tax Exemption

5. Vehicle Insurance/

6. Export service

7. Transportation

Rotarian owned Business

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